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DUE to the soaring cost of food this mum decided to switch up her weekly shop and try out a different supermarket.

Although she doesn't usually, the mum decided to do a full food shop at Marks & Spencer.

This comes after other parents have been raving online about the low prices compared, especially compared to other budget supermarkets.

Since she missed her shop the week before, the busy mum, who posts online as @thismumcooks, told viewers she had a lot to top up on.

"You won't believe how much I've got for the money," she raved before showing off the haul.

She grabbed four boxes of cereal, including bran flakes, two boxes of wholegrain wheat bisks and wholegrain hoops, not forgetting the cartons of milk.


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The savvy shopper also got her hands on a packet of flower-shaped crumpets, which were reduced to 92p.

Two loafs of bread and a pack of four whites baps for bacon butties were also included in her haul.

Fruit and vegetables were impressively cheap in the mum's local store so she bagged grapes, bananas, tomatoes, satsumas, cucumber and three packets of apples, since they were on special offer.

She also noted how good the price of the tomatoes was in store, at just 85p.

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"I also got this big black of cheese, 750g of cheese and it looks really nice," she raved.

Other bargains included 15 eggs, filo pastry,, mince meat, chorizo, tinned soup, chopped tomatoes, honey, olives, and fruit juice, which was reduced to 54p.

And what would a food shop be without a few sweet treats?

Making the most out of the biscuit aisle, the mum grabbed six different types, including custard creams, chocolate and orange teacakes and chocolate chip cookies.

"We absolutely love these cookies, they are the best, she told viewers.

It's safe to say the bargain hunting mum was impressed with how cheap everything was, with the shop costing under £70.

She continued: "With all of this fresh fruit, cereal, bread, meat, it was £66.42, I didn't think that was bad."

Viewers loved the mum's cheap haul and one user agreed the prices aren't too shabby either.

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They commented: "I love M&S for fruit and veg! It lasts so well.

"I'm a student and started doing quite a but of shopping at M&S now, I'm really impressed £66 for this!"

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