I’m a blue collar babe – I’m usually a dominant woman but working in a male field brings out my feminine side | The Sun

A CERTIFIED blue collar babe has embraced her feminine urges after being around her male counterparts.

The oil field worker has disclosed her tendency to feel like a dominant woman in her profession around all the men.

Angelique Gall (@angelique_gall) admitted her honest feelings in a recent video.

With her hard hat and protective glasses in tact, Angelique reflected on how her job made her feel.

She panned the site behind her, set up with mechanical equipment and tall scaffolding.

The blue collar babe layered up with a chunky hoodie and fitted jacket.

Her hair was pulled into two low ponytails and pushed back by a green headband.

The background sound sang: "But you make me want to act like a girl, paint my nails, and wear high heels."

"When you're a dominant female and work in a man's field," Angelique said.

"But her brings the feminine part out of you."

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Though being surrounded by men may not feel like a celebration of being a woman, Angelique still finds herself empowered.

"Always feel so pretty," she admitted.

One jealous woman commented: "Living my dream."

"Hell yeah, babes, you deserve it," a supportive fan wrote.

Male admirers proclaimed their interest in Angelique.

One interested fellow sent her a ring emoticon, indicating his interest in her being his wife.

Another potential suitor sent her fire emoticons to express his love for her look.

Angelique said she could be both sweet and feisty in a different video.

And men seemed to become even more intrigued, calling "dibs" on her in the comments.

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