I'm a baby expert & there are three times you SHOULD wake your baby through the day no matter what anyone else says | The Sun

MANY parents tiptoe around and do everything in their power to try and not wake up their sleeping babies.

So you may be surprised to hear that a baby sleep consultant has posted a video revealing three times she actually recommends waking a baby throughout the day.

Cat, who posts informative videos under the acronym @babysleepteam, firstly highlights the importance of waking your baby at the same time every morning.

"If I was giving you a sleep schedule, I'd be recommending them to wake up no later than 7am," she explains.

"Starting your day around the same time helps to support your circadian rhythm, which controls our sleep/wake cycles."

The second time Cat advises waking up your sleeping baby is to limit lunchtime naps to two hours.


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"Sleep begets sleep and day sleep can really have a big impact on your nighttime sleep," the baby expert points out.

"So any nap much longer than two hours can start to impact your little one's sleep overnight."

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She adds: "The lunch time nap is the most important nap of the day in my opinion when there's a natural lull in energy to sleep.

"This is the nap I recommend not having longer than two hours."

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Cat says the third time she'd recommend waking your baby is if they're on their third nap.

"You really don't want that nap to last any longer than 5pm (to avoid impacting night sleep)," she explains.

"The third nap's role is to help your baby make it to bedtime without getting overtired (which also helps with settling).

She captioned the post: "I’m going to go against the grain and tell you the 3 times when it’s GOOD to wake up your baby.

"This can make a big difference to help achieve a consistent and predictable day."

The helpful video has since racked up over 180,000 views, with many parents taking to the comments section to thank Cat for her useful tips.

"I don't care how you raise your kid, but every kid should be also trained with these points," wrote one.

"I sleep trained my 3-year-old. Best thing I ever did."

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A second commented: ""I agree with everything but 7 am doesn't work for us – even me I never woke up at this time even before having my baby. He wakes up around 8h30!"

And a third added: ""Thank you for reinforcing that I’m on the right track! Love your content!"

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