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A COFFEE shop baristahas revealed some of the most ridiculous things customers have ever said to her.

Megan Emma Smith took to TikTok and shared a short video which she captioned: "Coffee shop drama."

In the clip, she begins: "Things customers have genuinely said to me working in a coffee shop."

First up, she recalls telling customers that the coffee shop is closing in five minutes, so it's "takeaway only."

The response she received? "Oh would we have to leave then?"

According to Emma, another common mistake people make is the pronunciation of one specific drink…as she's often asked for a "double EXpresso."


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Megan also explains how she asks customers whether they'd like their drink to be a regular or large size.

But rather than just answer with one or the other, she says customers reply to her: "Oh just normal."

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And perhaps the most outrageous of them all? Megan says some customers will simply walk in and say: "I'll just have a coffee please."

The amusing post has since garnered an impressive 233,000 views and been flooded with comments – with other baristas feeling her pain.

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"The 'can I have a coffee one' triggers me," joked one.

A second commented: "‘ExTRa HoT’ Americano hurts my brain every time. I can make boiling water any hotter hunny."

In response, Megan quipped: "I CANT HEAT BOILING WATER ANYMORE."

A third wrote: “'Just a regular coffee please'” makes an Americano with milk on side. 'NO a normal coffee, I want a cappuccino.'"

Meanwhile, another penned: "The 'just a coffee' does my head in, we have 6 Brenda just pick one."

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A further recalled one of their most ridiculous orders to date: "Can I have a cappuccino without any froth."

And a final social media user added: "A mocha with no chocolate is one that literally made me hand my notice in."

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