I work in a bar, there’s one drink order we all hate because it takes so long – it happens every shift too

A WOMAN who works in hospitality has revealed the one drink request bartenders hate the most.

But are you guilty of placing the dreaded order?

Bartender Han, who is from the UK, took to TikTok to vent her frustration and urged pub-goers: "If you're ordering a Guinness and you're ordering a round of drinks, for the love of god, please say Guinness first."

"Is it hard to say it first? Just say 'Guinness'….Just say 'I'll have a Guinness and then ya ya ya…'"

She concluded by addressing follow bar tenders and joked: "If you know, you know."


And Han wasn't alone – with several other bartenders quick to take to the comments section to agree.

"Don’t worse thing is when your busy af two people on bar and they ask for Guinness last," wrote one.

A second commented: "Omg yess!! I always end up saying 'I’ll bring the Guinness over once it’s ready,'" while a third added: "Nothing worse when they say it lastttt or after the orders gone through."

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Meanwhile, a fourth recalled: "Had this happen to me and it didn't have time to set and the customer goes “I'll have a flake on top of that.”

In response to one person who asked why, another bartender explained: "This’ll only make sense to pub workers and people who regularly go to the pub. The Guinness needs time to settle, so it should be poured first."

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