I went bra-free at a theme park – there was an expected perk, people say they’re ‘dead’ from laughing | The Sun

A WOMAN who went bra-free on a day out has discovered that it came with enormous benefits.

It wasn't just her enjoying the spoils of her wardrobe choices either – her friends did too.

Alanna Monk (@alannahmonk) posted her video from the comfort of her bed after her day out.

The glamorous young woman was decorated with elaborate arm tattoos.

She and a group of buddies had arranged a visit to a theme park.

This was no ordinary visit and the trip would end with more thrills and spills than they had expected.

Mom to a toddler, this would have been a welcome excuse for time out and some grown-up time, and hopefully a few laughs along the way.

But cool Alanna decided to go bra-free for the day and recounted her experience, while nonchalantly chomping away on some potato chips.

One ride, in particular, became the focus of their trip because of the freebies on offer.

Thanks to Alanna going bra-free, the group of friends discovered there were perks to be had.

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With a knowing roll of her eyes, she said: “Thanks to the guys who worked at the water log today for letting us stay on repeatedly because I had no bra on."

Comments to her post were lost for words. All they could manage were a raft of emojis, that suggested they were "dead" from laughing.

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