I wear my ‘most revealing’ outfits to the gym because it’s the only place I go, people say I look great | The Sun

A GORGEOUS TikToker's revelation about her gym visits is sure to win wide appeal.

Giselle Valles' video platform has nearly 340k followers, and her latest post will have many smiling when they next visit the bench press.

Gym membership is about getting fit and hopefully achieving a six-pack to be proud of.

Giselle is a regular for workouts and posts about them on her TikTok page.

For many people, Giselle included, the gym has become the main focus in their lives.

In one of her videos, Giselle looks great in her sports bra,trackies, and waist-length hair.

She speaks into a mirror, using a voice narration: "Wearing my most revealing outfits to the gym 'cause it's the only place I go to."

Commenters to her video loved what they saw and heard.

Typical of many was this comment: "You look great in them."

Another said: "Wow! So gorgeous."

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Similarly: "And you look great in them."

Finally, at least one could not find the words, just a plain: "Mmmm."

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