I was shamed for sitting in a pregnancy seat on the train when I was eight months in – I ‘didn’t look pregnant enough’

A WOMAN explained that she had once been asked to move from a designated priority seating area because she "didn't look pregnant enough" despite being in her third trimester.

The mum told how disapproving passengers demand she "get out" as they wanted to save the seats for disabled people or pregnant women.

Influencer Allanah Harris shared the mortifying story on her TikTok where it racked up almost 10,000 likes.

She said: "I've never asked [for a seat while pregnant] but I have been kicked out of a seat before.

"Just before I delivered my first daughter I was just in my third trimester and we decided to go on a little mini holiday before we had her.

"My two-year-old step son really wanted to go on the tram, so we decided to go because my back was killing me anyway and to take him on a tram ride.

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"There was no seats so everyone was standing but there was a couple of seats in the pregnancy, disabled area.

"So I decided to sit down because I had severe back pain from where she was sitting at the time. She was jumping on one of my nerves and I could hardly sit still let alone stand up.

"When I sat down I got multiple looks and multiple stares, until someone had the nerve to come up to me and tell me to get out of the seat.


"I was a bit of a push over and I got up and Brook my partner was like: 'Erm no! You sit back down, you are pregnant! Just because they can't see it doesn't mean you're not pregnant'

"And then we got the snarky comments like 'did you conceive last night?'

"Well no, no I'm not – I'm actually in my third trimester."

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Allanah shared some pictures of herself at that time and pointed out that she wasn't showing much at the time, despite being so far along.

Fellow TikTok users were quick to jump in with their thoughts on the situation.

One person said: "There shouldn’t be questions asked, I have a hidden disability and have been asked to move before!"

Another said: "People shouldn't question anyway. those seats are for anyone who needs them, obvious or not."

A third said: "I'd have been in public with a pillow under my shirt just so everyone knew and didn't question me! That has to be daunting, constantly explaining yourself."

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