I was given a free sofa so turned it into some outdoor furniture instead, people are surprised by how great it looks | The Sun

GARDEN furniture isn't cheap.

But one woman has come up with a genius way to create some outdoor seating for the summer, for a fraction of the price.

Jade Marie Faulkner posted her transformation on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook, explaining that she'd got two sofas for free from someone who was giving them away.

She was left with an older cord sofa that she decided to makeover.

"I’ve been and got waterproof fabric and turned it into an outdoor sofa," she said.

"It’s needs tidying up a bit on the edges but I’m proud of myself.

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"There’s also half of the new sofa that I might turn into another outdoor sofa too."

In response to the numerous comments on her post, Jade returned to add that she got the patterned fabric for £2 a metre and the grey for £4 a metre.

"With a staple gun and staples I bought too, all in all it cost just under £40!!" she boasted.

People were quick to praise Jade for her smart thinking, with one writing: "Oh my god, that's amazing well done.

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"Looks like a brand new sofa..you should be proud of yourself."

"What a way to reduce and reuse! Absolutely LOVE this idea," another added.

"Never thought of that – well done," a third commented.

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"A good tip if you find waterproof material expensive, use shower curtains," someone else suggested.

"I got some from primark to cover foam to use as seats on my pallet sofa and it worked perfectly and much cheaper too.

"You can get ones with such nice patterns."

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I transformed my garden for just £20 – it took less than a day

"I never thought of this!" another person replied to that comment.

"I used wipe clean table cloths, they were only £3.49 each."

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