I was fat shamed at 16st & nicknamed The Blob so lost half my bodyweight – but now the trolling is even worse | The Sun

ARE you dreaming of losing weight?

With so many of us aspiring to look and feel better, we’ll try everything to shed a few pounds – and that’s not to mention the rude comments overweight people can receive. 

It’s a common assumption that people will be kinder and treat us with more respect if our waistlines are a few inches smaller – but for one American woman, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pastry chef Catriona Kalmanovitch from Massachusetts, USA, has suffered skinny shaming ever since she lost 100 pounds in weight. 

After a lifetime of unhappiness in a bigger body, Catriona decided to go under the knife and had gastric sleeve surgery in February 2020. 

The young beauty slimmed down from around 235 pounds and the trolling has been awful. 

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She described her ordeal to true story channel Truly.

“When I lost the weight I thought ‘the world’s going to accept me, everything’s going to be great’,” she recalled. “And then you realise – no.

“My first experience of that was when I asked for a smaller sized uniform at work and was told to eat a cheeseburger. You wouldn’t say that if I’d come to you 100lb heavier. You wouldn’t tell me to go on a diet.”

Some negative comments can get under Catriona’s skin, but she knows she’s beautiful and has achieved the life – and body – she’s always dreamt of. 

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School bullies called the brave lady a ‘cow’ and ‘The Blob’ when she was young, and even her relatives said awful things. 

“My grandparents once saw a obese person walking across the street and told me ‘If you ever get that big, we’ll shoot you’. I was 12 and was like ‘you’d rather have me dead than fat?”

Catriona ate ‘to the point of passing out’ and saw food as her friend, comfort and confidant. But she had to make a change. 

Now she works out up to five times a week and enjoys dancing around her house – no more pain at work, high cholesterol or bad hair and skin. 

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“I still have the same heart, soul and values,” she claims. “When I was first skinny shamed it really struck me, because you can’t win in life – but you can win with yourself. 

“How I look now is better than I thought I could ever be. I never thought this would be possible.” 

Catriona is so happy in her new skin – no matter what the skinny-shamers say. She says it’s given her a future and opportunities she never thought she’d have. 

Even her excess skin is an afterthought. 

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“My excess skin doesn’t bother me because I know the alternative – I lived the alternative. I’d rather have jiggly skin that does not fit into clothing. 

“One day I will get it removed but that’s just not in my time frame right now.”

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