I was catfished by my date but still had dinner with him – he messages me DAILY & wants me to meet his family

ONE woman has told about a weird first date she went on seven years ago, with a guy who STILL messages her.

After being completely catfished by the man she matched with on a dating app, Jesse Peterson stayed to have dinner with him, and then he started saying he wanted her to meet his family.

Jesse took to her TikTok account to unveil the dramatic turn her date took.

Posting under the domain @tinderdistrict she said: "Alright I'm finally ready to tell you about the worst date I've ever been on, the time I was catfished."

Adding: "This was late 2016 I was like a year and a half living out of college, I matched with this guy named Brian on Tinder, he was my type, tall brown hair, whatever."

Jesse said the conversation via text was going well so she decided to meet Brian, who was 30minutes late arriving at the restaurant, but what was even worse, he was complete catfish.


"I get to the restaurant and I'm looking around, I'm 5ft 10, so at eye level and above, when all of a sudden this man comes up to me that probably comes up to like my boob, and he's like 'Jesse?', and I'm like 'Brian?'" she said.

Adding: "I'm confused because this is not the man I matched with, he looks like dead-a** Beans from Evan Stephens and so I'm like 'hi' because what do you do when someone catfishes you like legitimately catfishes you."

Jesse said that the man was not just using old photos but was a completely different person but she decided to be nice and stay on the date anyway, and it continued to go south.

"As we get into it, this date is horrible. Not only is he a catfish but he is also an impossible conversationalist. I'm just telling my whole life story until one point he's like 'I can't wait for you to meet my family and I was like what?" said Jesse.

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Adding: "And he's like 'oh ya you know my family is in Indianapolis we have a boat and I would love for you to come up there for some holidays, memorial day, and come meet them'."

To make matters worse the date took place in a Mexican restaurant and there was a mariachi band playing happy birthday to another guest nearby.

"I was like this could not be more weird. Nothing about this seems real right now" said Jesse.

"So the cheque comes and mind you I've had one house margarita and the vegetarian tacos, he ordered the chorizo chimichangas and three speciality mojitos. Then cheque comes he says, lets split this ya?" she added.

Wanting to just get out of there Jesse agreed to pay 50% of the bill and walked home, but the man has continued to text her to this day.

"He texts me saying 'had a great time' and I ignored it. Over the coming months, he snapchats me daily, which I, of course, continue to ignore. One day he text me and goes ' hey I have a girlfriend now so I must not be THAT terrible" said Jesse.

Adding: "Two months later he texts me again, 'hey girlfriend and I broke up, what are you up to these days?'"

The post has been viewed a whopping 980k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"This is what happens when you give them an inch of validation" commented one person.

Another added: "I'm 5ft 10 and I've been height-fished also."

"What do you do when someone catfishes you? You call them out on it!" commented a third.

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