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WE all need food to survive.

And with the skyrocketing prices on our groceries, there’s a slight dread when it comes to doing the food shop. 

However, supermarkets are currently competing with each other to be the chosen store with the best prices for everyone to do their weekly food shop in.

And luckily, shoppers are sharing their thoughts and analysis on social media.

Many are testing out different stores to see how much food they can get for a certain price and compare each store with the other one.

Emma, who goes by the name of emmaxcutler on TikTok, has compared her Aldi shop to Tesco to see which store gives you more for your money. 


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She titled it: “Tesco Food Shop. Is it cheaper than Aldi?”

Emma shared a video of her entire shopping experience and it included fruit, veg, cleaning products, biscuits, and meat.

She said: “We switched up the food shop this week and went to Tesco instead of Aldi to see if there was much of a price difference. 

“We got a lot more fruit and veg than what we would normally get and a lot of these items were price matched with Aldi.”

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Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card of British supermarket chain Tesco, and it helps customers to collect points as well as have discounts on certain food and drink items.

The Clubcard scheme operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and several other countries.

We got a lot more fruit and veg than what we would normally get and a lot of these items were price matched with Aldi

Emma continued: “We also got quite a lot of meat this week, so we stocked up and we took advantage of the items that had Clubcard prices.

“The ready meals were also such reasonable prices if you want to stock up your freezer with a few easy meals

“With Tesco there’s a bigger range of products and brands with different price points, which is good. 

“I actually prefer their own brand of beans as well. I think they taste better than Heinz.”

Emma compared this shop to an Aldi shop she did which came to £50.

She added: “We got quite a mix of non-branded and branded and I think we got quite a lot for £72.”

Many people rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “I find that the Tesco veg lasts so much longer than the Aldi veg as well.” 

Another person said: “Yes, someone else that agrees about the beans.” 

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A third added: “I’ve switched to Tesco recently.

"I think it’s not that expensive and the quality is much better, especially the fresh stuff.” 

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