I used to hate my huge boobs – now they earn me mega-cash as a side hustle and my fans say they love them | The Sun

A POPULAR TikTok creator has admitted that she had always hated having "big boobies", but now she has them to thank for her social media stardom.

In a recent video, Tara Moon told the TikTok community about her previous issues with her breast size, whilst confirming that those days are far behind her.

"Hating my boobies my whole life now I luv em," the grinning brunette captions her video, whilst wearing a tight, lowcut top that shows off her enviable bust.

She then shares a cheeky smile whilst making the money gesture with her hand, alongside the lyrics:"it's not so bad, it's not so bad".

Her 320k followers and counting did not waste any time in rushing to share their support for her confidence in using her boobs as a side hussle.

One commented: "They are perfect", whilst a loyal fan wrote: "Betting you don't luv them as much as we do. Lol."

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Another used joked: "that finally makes two of us".

"I will not comment I will not comment I will not comment," another quipped alongside the tears of joy emoji.

The social media star and streamer receives a lot of bust-based attention, but she's also keen to share her life experiences, makeup hacks and life updates with her large audience.

Alongside her @tarascameraroll account, the model splits her attention with her gaming TikTok account.

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With another 350k followers, she shares clips from her Twitch streams where she games and talks with fans who tune in live.

Videos detail her experiences of "being a girl that plays videogames aka COD", which are among some of her most-liked TikToks.

Her followers clearly love it, with frequent comments such as: "will you please marry me" and "guys just watch her live she's so funny".

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