I used to be a sneaky catfish – people say I should give the Kardashians photoshop tips because my skills are so good | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has shared how she used to edit her selfies beyond recognition – and laughed about the “humiliating” decision to do so. 

Rebekah Usher would slim her face, lighten her eyes, smooth out her skin and even change her hair colour using a popular editing app.

Her skills have been lauded online after she shared before and after pictures.

People have said her editing skills are so good that she should give the Kardashians advice on photoshopping their pictures. 

The 24-year-old joked on Tik Tok: “Let me show y’all how humiliating my Facetune era was.”

Facetune is a popular photo editing app that allows you to edit and retouch your face to look better.

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Some users choose to morph their selfies to look totally different to the original. 

Rebekah, from California, US, took a more conservative approach to altering her face.

Her biggest digital transformation would be to create a sharper jawline than her real one.

She would also lighten her eyes to make the blue in them pop, as well as alter the colour of her hair to give it more dimension. 

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Rebekah revealed that for “big jobs” she would spend “easily an hour” tweaking and contorting her face – but added that the time spent really depends on the original picture. 

She shared three transformations on Tik Tok and people were blown away. 

One person quipped: “You need to give the Kardashians some tips and tricks because these are so good.”

A second added: “Now this is just plain impressive.”

A third echoed: “You should work for the Kardashians.”

Other people have hailed her an “artist” and a “wizard” for her editing skills. 

But some of Rebekah’s viewers were concerned about whether people recognised her in real life after seeing her enhanced pictures online. 

One asked: “Wouldn’t it be awkward when people see you in real life and it doesn't match?”

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