I turned my drab kitchen into Barbie paradise, it cost £100 & took four days– now I’m moving on to the rest of the house

GROWING up, we all wanted to live in Barbie's dream house – but preferably the one in Malibu.

But if we can't own a dreamy beachside pad like Barbie, we CAN do the next best thing – and that's by turning our home completely pink.

One person who knows a little something about this is Victoria Palmer.

The mum-of-five, from Wrotham, Kent, spent less than £100 transforming her kitchen into a Barbie paradise – and it only took her four days to complete.

Victoria said: "Pink is my favourite colour – when people ask me what my house looks like I tell them to look at me and that's exactly what my house looks like."

Fortunately for Victoria, her husband Stuart and their three sons have been very understanding of her design choices – as long as it doesn't affect their meals.

She continued: "I love bright colours and it really represents my personality. I wanted to add some colour into the kitchen; people can't believe I live with all males!

"They let me get on with it – as long as they have food and something to watch on the TV they are happy."

The kitchen consists of bright pink cabinets and drawers, a pink dishwasher and washing machine, and entirely pink utensils and kitchen equipment.

What's more, the mum even has a multicoloured fence, pastel front door and every colour of the rainbow inside her home.

Victoria added: "It seems like everyone is into the typical grey and white theme but that's not for me – my bathroom is a Mickey Mouse theme and painted blue, my front room is lemon and pink filled with 80s toys, my bedroom is bright pink with different coloured pastels and even the outside of my house is painted mint green, lemon, pink and blue."

After sharing photos of her eye-catching kitchen on Facebook, Victoria says she's been inundated with messages.

She said: "The attention the kitchen has got on social media has been crazy – people love it but it's not for a lot of people.

"I have a very unique style but I absolutely love it and my two daughters definitely take after me."

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