I tried on my old Hooters uniforms including my ‘military Tuesday’ style – people are crying at how cute I look | The Sun

YEARS into her tenure at Hooters, a woman tried on all the iconic uniforms in her closet, including a special "military Tuesday" top.

When she posted the outfits to TikTok, viewers were blown away by how good she looked, and a few women considered joining the team just for the clothes.

Over the course of a few years, Nikkena Umiat has served different roles at Hooters – and amassed a stockpile of different uniforms.

She shared the tank tops, polos, and shorts in a video where she also debuted her newest uniform as an hourly manager.

While working the to-go counter or welcoming guests as a hostess, Umiat wore white jeans with a bright orange T-shirt.

While not as snug as the typical Hooters shirt, the owl-printed top did have a signature low-cut neck.


I’m in the military – people say I’m a 10, wait until you see me out of uniform

Next, Umiat showed off the signature orange shorts and tight white T-shirt that she wore as a server and trainer.

On "Military Tuesdays," Hooters gives 20 percent off the bill to any customer with a military ID.

The tank top Umiat wore for that promotion includes the Hooters logo in a camo-printed font, decorated with an illustration of dog tags.

On Fridays, or when she worked as a bartender, Umiat wore the all-black ensemble with shorts.

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Now, as an hourly manager, she's still sporting a chic black shirt. But it's a comfortable polo, which she wears with a pair of comfortable jeans instead of tiny shorts.

"Good job and congrats! You do look good in the black though," wrote a wistful viewer who will miss Umiat's bartending uniform.

Another person said, "The uniforms are so cute I'm crying."

A former employee expressed jealousy – her location limited the uniforms they were able to wear.

"I actually loved working at Hooters! But I’m super salty because I never got to wear the black uniform," she revealed.

Other women filled Umiat's comments section asking for interview tips or telling her that they'd recently applied at their own local Hooters restaurants.

Commenters were divided on which of the uniforms they liked the best.

"Manger be looking the best," one person insisted.

"The manager fit hits a whole lot different," another agreed.

Others preferred the classic colors. "They all look beautiful but white stands out for me," one man said.

And for some, it was the first time they'd seen the Military Tuesday getup.

"Military Tuesday?" an excited man wrote. "I know what I’m doing next Tuesday."

"See you there," a fellow customer-to-be joked, making Umiat laugh at their unexpected connection.

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