I tried my old cheerleading uniforms from a decade ago – including before they introduced the ‘midriff’ rule | The Sun

A WOMAN has tried on her plethora of old cheerleading uniforms from over a decade of competitive cheer.

Taylor, a 22-year-old Ball State University student, shared her video with her 6,000 TikTok followers.

Taylor had cheered from sixth grade to her sophomore year of college.

First, she tried on her J2 varsity uniform from seventh grade, which is so old that the "midriff" rule had yet to be introduced.

"This is when J2 teams were allowed to have the midriff show, so I would give this a two out of ten, this is the ugliest effing uniform I have ever seen," she said.

Next, she pulled up a photo of her eighth-grade uniform, a white and red two-piece that covered her midriff, which she rated a seven out of ten.

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Another uniform from the eighth grade was a blue and white set with orange flames licking up the arms.

"Zero. Zero," she said flatly.

Moving onto her outfit worn during her freshman year of high school, she pulled up a picture of a gold and blue two-piece.

"Three out of ten, it is old, outdated, gross," she said.

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Another uniform from the same year was a similar one with a reverse color combination.

"She was kinda cute, but no … yellow's gross, three out of ten," she said.

Next was a more-revealing uniform from her sophomore year of high school.

"Kinda cute, I remember I loved it, this was annoying because we had to tie it up at the back, but the back's super cute too," she said.

"Eight out of ten, I loved it – good memories in this uniform."

Another uniform from the same year included a more basic design.

"Plain, probably … four out of ten, it was see-through too, I hated it," she said.

"Least favorite uniform we wore."

"I loved these uniforms, they looked very collegiate, very cute," she said.

"The only downside was that they were … I think 15 years old, and there were like permanent pit stains in like half of them, so seven out of ten, but take one off for the pit stains."

After a series of bad ratings, she pulled up a photo of a stunning blue set.

"This was literally my all-time favorite uniform," she said.

"I loved the blue, I love how it's caramel, I love the blue-on-blue look, it looked good with white underneath," she continued.

"Ten out of ten, favorite uniform from high school cheer."

Next was a flashier, purple set from her senior year.

"She served, she was cute in the light, she looked amazing on stage, a million out of ten, God I miss this uniform," she said.

"This was why I loved competitive cheer, a million out of ten."

Last but not least was a collegiate uniform from before she transferred schools.

"Six out of ten, it was just boring," she explained.

"I wish we could've had cutouts, but it was a catholic school, and they didn't allow us to have a cropped shirt. She could've gave more."

Her video brought back nostalgic memories for her followers.

"The permanent pit stains haunt me," said one commenter.

"Comp uni's are my favorite," wrote another.

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