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PICKING out a dress for a loved one’s wedding was easy for young Emma – but she’d made a massive mistake. 

Emma Frances opted for a gorgeous pink blush satin frock for the big day. She thought it was a safe choice, but she was so wrong. 

Emma filmed herself getting ready for the wedding in her hotel room, with her partner looking dapper in a suit in the background. 

She wore her blonde hair down over her shoulders and accessorised with a large silver rose necklace. 

Emma’s dress was a delicate satin slip, boasting a soft pink hue. 

The piece featured a skinny strap on one shoulder and was strapless on the other side, offering a beautiful, slender shape. 

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The dress fit Emma beautifully and while she looked stunning, her face painted a different picture. 

Emma looked worriedly into the camera, biting her nails for comfort. 

Composing herself, she stood tall and put her hands on her hips to show off her fabulous look. 

She grinned at the camera before producing a sparkling bag to carry her essentials in. 

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Anyone would think it was the perfect wedding guest outfit, but Emma didn’t consider what the bridesmaids might be wearing.

And it just so happened that they were following the exact same theme.

Emma wrote: “When you show up in the same colour dress as the bridesmaids.” 

Emma was met with a tonne of questions from her TikTok followers. 

Many asked what she was going to do, as it was way too late to find another dress. 

Others, meanwhile, claimed it was the fault of the bride and groom.

One user commented: “Popular opinion. When sending out wedding invitations. List the colours that you cannot wear.”

A second replied: “I say, if they didn’t put on their wedding colours on the invite, it’s not your fault. Never had an invite that hasn’t told me the colours to avoid before.”

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And a third said: “New fear unlocked.”

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