I thought I was pregnant because of my bump but the tests were negative… it took me ages to figure out what was going on | The Sun

A WOMAN who had a massive bump was left stunned when she found out she was pregnant – despite two tests coming back negative.

Holly took to TikTok to share a video explaining how she found out she was expecting a baby, after weeks of putting her enlarged stomach down to bloating.

"I sent this Snapchat to my friend saying, ‘Someone needs to convince me I’m not pregnant because a test isn’t cutting it’," she explained.

"Obviously I’d taken two tests by this point, both of them were negative.

"I wasn’t seeing any of my friends or family so no-one could tell me like, ‘Girl, you’ve got a whole baby in there’."

It wasn't until two weeks after she sent the Snapchat that she got a positive test.

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"So there’s me just still living my life with this bump during lockdown, thinking that it’s normal," she said.

"To be fair to you, if a test was telling me I wasn’t pregnant then I’d believe it too," one person commented on the video.

"I was thinking a tiny bump but damn," another added.

"What?! how couldn’t you tell!!" a third wrote.

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To which Holly replied: "I KNOW.

"I really don’t even know but the 2 negative tests convinced me."

"Oh my god!! I nearly spat my water out," someone else commented.

"How did your test not say you was!!"

"Note to self: don’t buy the cheap Boots pregnancy tests," Holly responded.

While another person wrote: "Everyone who says 'how did you not know' ..girl I've been bloated like this and posed with it as if it was a baby for laughs."

To which Holly wrote: "This!!! I used to do this too lol."

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