I stressed over my baby’s name then accidentally gave him the rudest initials – I didn’t realize until my grandpa said | The Sun

AFTER tons of lists and months of back and forth, your child's name may only come to you when they do, but have you ever thought about the initials?

One parent spent so much time worrying about their child's initials that they didn't realize the ones they chose were inappropriate until their grandpa pointed it out.

As important as your baby's full name is, their initials matter too, and it's easy to overlook them.

Between class lists and monogrammed merchandise, a child's initials get used more than you think.

You could choose the perfect full name and not even realize what the initials spell out.

One parent learned that the hard way.


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In a recent Reddit post, parents identified if they had baby name regret and why.

Whether it was because of always having to correct someone's pronunciation or if their name turned out to be too trendy, parents had multiple reasons for why they felt regret.

Reddit user @Beetjuice98 had a different answer than most others.

"Not exactly a 'regret,' but I stressed a lot about what my baby's initials would be," they admitted.

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The Reddit user's initials were "LSD."

They refrained from using their first name so the baby wouldn't have the same initials connected to a drug.

"Well, I had my baby, and my initials are TRD," they said.

"The first thing my grandpa said when he heard the name was 'aw… his initials are TuRD. Biggest facepalm ever."

Other users commented on why they regretted the full name they chose for their baby.

"I had intense name regret with my second daughter because we were talked out of our first choice name. When we finally got her home, I kept calling her the wrong name," one person wrote.

Another sad parent said: "I don't have name regret, buuuut…. we named our daughter Juniper and I did not anticipate how many people would think it was 1) Jupiter or 2) Junifer?!"

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