I stole my sister’s baby name because I loved it so much – now people say my daughter sounds like a stripper | The Sun

WHEN it comes to picking a name for your child, you often get inspiration from people you know or fictional characters you love.

But one thing we all know not to do is to steal someone else's baby name.

Well, one mum did just that and decided she loved the female name her sister picked out so much that she wanted to use it.

But people online have mocked the mum for her baby name choice as many claim it sounds like a stripper title.

Taking to Reddit, she revealed her sister had ended up having a boy so didn't use the name and wanted to save it for when she had a girl, but her sister was still eager to use it for her own daughter.

She revealed: "My big sister and I are both having babies 4 months apart. She picked family names Paul for a Boy and Rose for girl’s name before I knew I was pregnant.


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"She had a boy, when I found out I was having a girl she asked me not to use the name Rose. I am now due in 3 weeks.

"My husband and I have decided on Rylee for our daughter’s name. We wanted to use a family name for the middle name, and we have very limited family names that will go with Rylee."

The woman and her husband had settled on using the family name as a middle name and decided on the name Rylee Rose.

She added that she spoke to her sister about using it as a middle name but was told not to, her sister said she wanted to save the name for her second child, but if she didn't give birth to a girl she would give it up.

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But the mum is still planning to use the name and says it shouldn't be a big issue.

She explained: "My sister had a boy and I am using it as a middle name not a first name and my sister can still use it as a first name later on if she has a girl".

The mum asked whether she was being unreasonable for using the name, and many said she was, while others claimed the name sounded like a strippers title.

One wrote: "I think Rylee Rose sounds like a stripper name. Of all the names in the world, your husband just happens to love the one your sister had chosen?"

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Another person commented: ""And this is why you NEVER tell anyone names before the baby is born and the name is on the birth certificate."

A third penned: "Yeah I don't love the name truthfully, but even if I did. I would pick something else. I have one sister and if she claimed a name I would pick another."

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