I started an etsy business with £100 as a fortune cookie said to…I became a millionaire overnight, my product went viral

A WOMAN has revealed the life changing moment she became a millionaire overnight after starting an Etsy company with just £80 to her name.

Amanda, a mum-of-two in her mid thirties, said she was "completely broken inside" having lost her job and was struggling financially,but a fortune cookie completely turned her life around.

In a video shared on TikTok, the business owner revealed that she was 30-years-old when she hit a low point and considered filing for bankruptcy.

To help cheer her up, her husband Chris treated her to Chinese take away – and the fortune cookie inside is what changed her life.

"You will be unusually successful in business," it read, and with those words, Amanda decided to take the plunge.


She explained: "No business experience but nothing else to lose. It takes four months to save, but I scrounge up $160 (£116) from my unemployment cheques, but a cricut machine and open an etsy shop."

But the unexpected happened when two of her products – customisable party banners – went viral, resulting in Amanda becoming a millionaire overnight.

"My husband quits his job and we invest everything back into the company over the next five years," she explained, now valuing her business, 1801 & Co at a whopping $12 million (£8.7 million).

When launching the Etsy business in 2016, Amanda started selling small party decor including cake toppers, confetti and banners.

Now, after changing the company name from Paper Supply Station to 1801 & Co in 2019, Amanda makes custom acrylic signage for home, corporate office and events.

Amanda credits her company's early success to a popular lifestyle blogger who purchased a banner for her bachelorette party.

After sharing professional photos online, which showcased the "uniquely risqué" banner, it supposedly became an internet meme -and as it racked up the likes, her business racked up sales.

No business experience but nothing else to lose. It takes four months to save, but I scrounge up $160 (£116) from my unemployment cheques, but a cricut machine and open an etsy shop.

While she designs all the signage, describing it has her "passion", her husband John, along with some employees, look after production and shipping.

According to the company website, the business is completely "family owned and operated" – and they continue to sell product both on Etsy and through their website.

Amanda's story inspired many who saw the TikTok video as hundreds flooded the comments with words of encouragement – with some even begging her for advice.

"I really needed to see this today… I'm so happy for you for succeeding," one wrote.

"There is not a heart big enough for how much I love this story! Congratulations!" said another.

Offering advice for people who might want to do the same, Amanda shared in the comments: "You'll never find something that no one else is doing. Find something you love doing and your soulwill give it something unique that draws people in."

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