I splashed £3.1k on a gastric sleeve in Turkey but there's been loads of surprises since – I lost 70% of my hair for one | The Sun

A WOMAN who flew to Turkey for a gastric sleeve has revealed the things she wishes she knew before undergoing the surgery.

Lauren forked out £3,150 on the procedure and opted to go abroad for surgery rather than remain in the UK because "it was a recommendation from friends, cheaper, and better care."

In a video shared to TikTok, Lauren, who posts under the handle @laurenssleevejourney, goes on to share all of the things she "didn't expect" after having a gastric sleeve.

In the clip, she begins by saying the biggest shock was losing 70% of her hair.

The social media user, who lost her hair three months post op, adds: "I knew I would have hair loss but not that much.

"Honestly was the worst for me."


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Next, she points out: "The feeling of full and hungry is completely different to how it felt before."

Lauren then goes on to say restriction with food is "different every day."

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And finally, she notes: "I NEVER get bloated anymore?!"

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 63,000 views and several comments.

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"I want a sleeve but the idea of losing my hair absolutely terrifies me," wrote one.

A second commented: "The bloating part! I don’t miss it jeez it feels so good not to feel preggo.

"I would always feel bloated."

A third who is experiencing hair loss noted: "Mine's falling out in clumps so heart-breaking."

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "And feeling full and feeling hungry sometimes feels similar? Or just me? 8 weeks post-op here."

Lauren agreed: "Yess!!!"

Elsewhere, another asked: "But do you regret it? If you knew all these things before would you have still done the surgery?"

"Yeah I would still get it! The results are worth it!"

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