I spent years so self-conscious of my leg birthmark I wouldn’t wear shorts – a tattoo has totally changed my life

A WOMAN who spent years being so self-conscious of her birthmark that she couldn't even wear shorts has had her life transformed – all because of a tattoo.

Quinn took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself showing off the inking – sunflower petals around the circular birthmark in the middle.

"I used to be so self conscious of my birth mark to where I'd never wear shorts but then I stopped giving a f**k and I made it into a sunflower," she wrote.

"And now it's my favourite tattoo and part of myself."

She went on to encourage others to be more accepting of their bodies.

"Learning to love yourself won't happen overnight and there will be people who make you feel bad about yourself but it's worth it because your body does so much for you," she continued.

Her video has been watched over 1,200 times since Quinn posted it.

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Quinn is a holistic health coach, and shares positive, motivating videos on her TikTok page.

In another clip, she showed off her body in a purple bikini as she stood next to her boyfriend, who was just sporting swimming shorts

"Ladies, it's okay to be bigger than your boyfriend," she wrote over the clip.

She's also on a mission to normalise acne, stretch marks and hairy legs.

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