I spent Xmas alone after I cheated on my husband – now I cook for my ex on the big day, says Ulrika Jonsson

ULRIKA Jonsson's most "painful" Christmas was the one she spent alone – just two months after splitting from her first husband.

The TV presenter's marriage to John Turnbull ended in 1995, after she cheated on him.

The pair welcomed son Cameron together during their marriage but, after Ulrika's infidelity, she felt it was the right thing to do to let John spend Christmas with their son.

However, making that decision meant that she was left spending it alone.

"The very first Christmas I spent apart from my first husband — a mere two months after my  marriage came to an end — I had to bite the bullet and let him have our son," she told The Sun.

"I’d been unfaithful and guilt definitely got the better of me.

"Our son was just over a year old and I spent that Christmas alone.

"It was painful, but it felt like the right and reasonable thing to do."

Following that first year, Ulrika and John decided to alternate who Cameron spends Christmas with – which they still do "to this day".

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"We gradually found our way towards compromise and a Yuletide respect, of sorts," she added.

Similarly, Ulrika has managed to maintain a good relationship with Brian Monet – her third husband – too.

She and Brian – the father of her 13-year-old son Malcolm – split in 2019, but she'll be spending Christmas with him this year.

"We co-parent well and I want us to still be together as a family on high days and holidays because — well — because, quite frankly, there is no reason not to," she explained.

"This situation has never felt difficult. We’ve both been so focused on what is right for the children but it’s also been possible because things have been amicable."

After a "big Swedish Christmas Eve together", Ulrika gets going on the food and Brian helps with decorations and sorting the children's stockings.

"We spend Christmas morning together opening presents," she continued.

"Then I chain myself to the sink and the oven while he chills out with the kids.

"It’s a balance that worked while we were married and nothing has really changed."

Ulrika's fed up with anti-vaxxers, and says if people aren't double jabbed, they aren't welcome at her house this Christmas.

She thinks Katie Price should be in jail, and says having a disabled child is no excuse for her bad behaviour.

And, after being matched with an 18-year-old on a dating site, Ulrika says he loved their age gap.

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