I spent $1,000 on Kourtney Kardashian’s used swimsuits & clothes – she’s so tiny I couldn’t even do some items up | The Sun

KEEPING up with the Kardashians is certainly made easy when you purchase their garments.

YouTuber Laura Lee tried on a few of Kourtney Kardashian's old pieces, and while they were super stylish, some were simply far too small for the fashion guru.

"Kourtney's stuff was very small like Kendall's. I'll be kind of surprised if it fits me," Lee said in a YouTube video.

She also noted that a lot of Kourtney's items were size extra small.

The first thing she tried on was an ivory-colored Fleur Du Mal bodysuit, which she purchased for $150.

It was a size extra small, and while Lee made clear that she doesn't buy her clothing in that size, she still managed to squeeze into it due to the stretchy material.

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"I'm not gonna lie, my bicep feels like it's gonna bust out of it, and it's kind of hard to bend my arm," she said. "But I really like it, I love the way it looks on."

It had some fuzzy pieces on it, indicating that it may have been hanging in the closet for a while.

The next item was a pair of Illesteva Leonard sunglasses, which Lee snagged for $195.

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"Okay, these actually look really used. Yeah, these are definitely used sunglasses. They have some markings," she stated.

Trying the funky pair of sunglasses on, Lee gushed at how cute she looked.

Despite this, they were too big to sit comfortably on the fashion enthusiast's head.

The following piece on the list was a red Gal Floripa one-piece swimsuit that Lee purchased for $140 in a size small.

"I can't wait to try this on, because it almost looks like a 50s-girl-style swimsuit," she said.

"It kind of gives me that vibe with the flaring out on the hip area."

After trying it on, Lee thought the swimsuit was the "cutest" but noted that she could use one size up as the straps were digging into her shoulder blades.

The final product was a pair of size 25 Levi jeans that Lee purchased for $199.

"I cannot fit in a 25 if my life depended on it," she pointed out.

Despite this, she still tried them on for viewers. And though she got them on, they weren't able to button.

She was still fond of them, hinting that they would be a go-to if they were the right fit.

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"These jeans would be the best everyday jeans period," Lee said of the dark-wash denim.

In total, she got all the items she purchased for a little less than $1,000.

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