I slept with my new man for the first time & found he has a micropenis – I value someone who’s big, so what do I do?

CHLOE Madeley is ready to fire off more no-holds-barred sex advice this week – and she has answers for two women with very tricky problems.

Both have blokes who aren’t managing to satisfy them, so just how should they raise their pretty delicate issues?

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Q. I’ve been seeing a man for a few weeks and last night we did it for the first time.

I was nervous because I really like him and I wanted us both to have a good time… but he had a really small penis, I’m talking absolutely tiny.

Obviously I’ve heard about micropenises but I thought it was all made up to be honest.

Now he is texting me saying it was so good last night he wants to do it again soon but I don’t know what to say.

I value a man who is big between the sheets and he is really not.

Should I tell him why I am calling it off? He is really nice, and he’s got money, so I’m in two minds.  

A. There are a hundred ways to let someone down without having to tell them a painful truth that will only hurt their feelings.

Say you still have feelings for an ex and that you aren't ready to move on yet.

Or say you had fun but aren't looking to take it any further.

I really think, in this instance, a little white lie is fine. There is no need to make someone feel bad about themselves just because they don’t match up to the perfect man you’ve conjured up in your head.

He may be nice, he may be rich, but he's not right for you. That's the end of that – it has to be, otherwise you’re leading him up the garden path.

Before I leave you here, I want to remind you of a famous song lyric…

"Don't expect anyone else to support you. Maybe you have a trust fund, maybe you'll have a wealthy spouse. But you never know when either one might run out."

Q. I’ve been seeing this guy for two years, but it hasn’t all been easy.

He cheated on me five weeks into the start of the relationship and I’ve found it hard to deal with, but we’ve tried to put it in the past.

The issue now is we hardly ever do anything sexual, but I know he finds time to masturbate.

It feels like I’m putting all the effort into the relationship while being ignored.

He doesn’t like some types of foreplay I’m really into, but he expects me to do all the stuff he likes. Am I doing the right thing being with him or not?

A. Well, first and foremost, I think it's fairly normal that young couples have slip ups in the beginning of a relationship.

But if it's still upsetting you now then you have never really got over it, and it's probably a great source of unhappiness between the two of you.

If you are making a huge effort sexually and he is not returning the favour, it is definitely deeply unfair. Talk to him about it and explain that you have needs, too.

If he doesn't fulfil your needs in the weeks and months that follow the conversation, I would consider whether you're sexually compatible…

If my husband and I weren't, I don't think we'd have made it to a year let alone two. Sex is hugely important to a lot of people and that's perfectly OK.

Give him a nudge, see what happens, and then reassess whether or not you're right together. 

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