I met my man a month ago – we live 230 miles apart but we're trying for a baby and he got my name tattooed

A LOVESTRUCK couple who met on a dating app have revealed they're already trying for a baby – just ONE MONTH after matching with each other online.

Alisa Thomas, 26, and Terrance Green, 23, matched on Hinge on April 17th and quickly formed a loving bond, claiming they plan to be married before the planned pregnancy is even 'showing'.

The besotted couple met two weeks after matching when Alisa, 26, hopped on a plane from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and flew 230 miles down to Detroit, Michigan, US, for the weekend.

At the airport, Alisa was greeted by Terrance and cute footage shows the pair racing into one another's arms hugging and kissing.

A private driver was on hand to whisk the pair from the airport to Terrance's home – bearing a sign for 'Mrs Green'.

Terrance even got Alisa's name tattooed on his neck for $80 (£64.52) as a way to prove to her that he was committed and turning his back on 'the rapper lifestyle'.

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Despite family and friends warning that their whirlwind relationship might be moving too fast, the couple insist the timeline is right for them.

The pair, who each have a child from a previous relationship, reveal they're trying for a baby and plan to get hitched before their child arrives.

But in a social media announcement social media entrepreneur Terrance claimed Alisa may ALREADY be pregnant.

Alisa said: "I was obviously safe. We spoke like 24/7 for the 12 days before we met, we FaceTimed so we knew we were real, the energy matched so why not?

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"Instead of waiting months or even years, why not connect right away? I'm going into this with an open heart and trusting Terrance.

"When we met and spent those days together, there was a good vibe between us that just solidified the feelings more.

"He's funny, he's natural to be around. He's not boring, we have fun when we do stuff together – it always entwines into one. Why wouldn't I want to be with him?"

The relationship began when Terrance messaged Alisa a heart eye emoji on Hinge, and the couple wasted no time in exchanging details.

Terrance said: "I messaged her first. I sent her the little heart eyes and she responded a day later.

"I've had so many different situations with different girls growing up, from experiencing the rapper lifestyle.

"I'd told myself that I didn't want a relationship, but I said that next time I wanted to take somebody seriously I'd want to go all in.

"So that's what I did with Alisa and she was down with everything. She found a free weekend, I booked her flight and we went from there. This was 12 days after we began speaking.

"We've only met up once for that weekend. I got a private car and driver to pick Alisa up from the airport and the driver recorded us meeting in the airport."

Loved-up Alisa said that she felt safe meeting Terrance despite only chatting for 12 days and that as their 'energies matched' she decided to fly out and meet him.

Alisa explained: "On my weekend down, there were a lot of moments where it was casual and we hung out in the house and did our own thing.

"But we also went around Detroit, I got to meet some of his family, he took me downtown to the water where you could look over and see Canada.

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"It felt really nice seeing all the effort Terrance had gone to for me when I came to visit, because nobody had really done that for me before.

"It made me feel so good knowing that this is the type of person that he is. I was excited and I was nervous."

Terrance and Alisa are already trying to have a baby, with Terrance stating that the couple plan to tie the knot before a baby arrives.

Terrance added: "We're trying to have a baby. I'm pretty sure she's not pregnant right now, but she could be pregnant by the time I get to Canada.

"I bought up wanting to have another kid before I'm too old. I want to be young and active for the 3am nappy changes because you really don't want to be doing that when you're old.

"She was down for it. Marriage is happening this year. We're not engaged yet but it's going to happen. She'll be married before the baby even comes out, before she's even showing."

Terrance also got the name of his wife-to-be inked onto his neck to show his devotion.

Terrance said: "I got a $80 (£64.52) tattoo of her name on my neck.

"It was to give her the security and confidence of me actually coming to Canada, wanting to marry and have a kid and all of that.

"We're from different countries, we didn't really know each other, so it was like 'look, your name is tattooed on the side of my neck'."

Alisa said that Terrance's decision to have her name inked on his neck confirmed to her his feelings were genuine, something that was 'very attractive' to her.

Alisa said: "I think the tattoo was meant to represent that his feelings had solidified.

"Terrance says he wants to do something and then he does it. That's very attractive to me. It makes him trustworthy, that's a big selling point."

Alisa said her family and friends have reservations about the relationship, but the admin assistant is hoping that they'll come around in time.

Alisa said: "My family and friends had been nervous and had a lot of opinions about it moving too fast.

"I'd like to say that they support me and will come with me in time, but it's my walk to walk.

"We're going into this relationship with the intention that it will work. I think if we didn't live countries apart, people wouldn't have thought it was a fast process. 

“But because we live in different places, everybody was like 'oh gosh, they did that?'"

Since sharing their love story on Twitter, the two have received a huge response as thousands of users have expressed shock at the speed of their relationship.

Terrance continued: "We've received a lot of reaction online. People were saying I had a mental illness [and] that I was crazy.

"Some people criticising us might be lonely or bored. People will have their opinions, they'll say what they want to say at the end of the day.

"They want to see if we'll work out. I put out the tweet because I wanted to get people to talk about us."

Alisa explained that despite their short relationship the pair 'love' each other.

She said: "Some people take years to figure stuff out, but not for us. It's mutual – he likes me as much as I like him. We're fully at a point where we feel like we love each other."

Although currently separated by 230 miles, the pair are planning to become closer very soon.

Terrance revealed: "Moving to Canada is going to be difficult. Legally, you can be in Canada for six months.

"I'm going to do the back-and-forth between the US and Canada for six months, because I'm pretty sure at some point she's going to want to move to the US.

"I don't really care too much about where we end up living. It'll be my first time going to Toronto when I fly up on June 3rd. I'm very excited about the move."

Twitter users were very supportive of the couple's fast moving relationship, as one person wrote: "That's so dope man!! Let me type a little faster on there [Hinge]. If you need a pianist, I'm your man."

Another supporter wrote: "This thread has me smiling so hard, y'all are cute! Congratulations."

One user tweeted: "Congrats bro don't listen to the negativity this is magical asf [as f**k] and gives hope."

However, other twitter users weren't so impressed with Terrance and Alisa's whirlwind romance.

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