I make my pregnant wife sleep in a separate room – my mother in law says I’m insensitive but I don’t care

A MAN revealed that he makes his pregnant wife sleep in a separate bedroom because her tossing and turning interrupts his sleep and he’s sick of "putting up with it".

The man said his wife’s mother told him off for his behaviour but he maintained that his sleep is too important to sacrifice.

He explained his reasoning at length in a Reddit post and opinion is totally split.

His wife is suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum in pregnancy and her sleep has been suffering as a result.

The man said: “My wife is 5 months pregnant. The pregnancy has been quite difficult for the both of us. 

“She has hyperemesis gravidarum and it is extremely stressful on her. Hence she is not able to work even part time and I have to pick up most of the slack, I work full time from 8 am to 7pm.

“For the past two months my wife has had a difficult time sleeping worsened by insomnia. There is a lot of twists and turns and getting up to go to the bathroom every few minutes.”

This is not only difficult for his wife, but also impacts his ability to sleep. 

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He explained: “It absolutely destroys my sleep. I don't want to sound like an a**hole but I have to wake up early for work and because I am a sensitive sleeper I jolt awake easy with all the sudden movements.”

Eventually, it became too much for the husband to handle.

He said: “I had put up with it for a month till I decided I could not deal with it anymore. I was only getting 5 hours of sleep and being in the tech industry it is super hard to function with limited sleep.”

The man said that when he explained this to his wife she was completely understanding and started sleeping in a different bedroom.

However, when his wife’s parents came to visit, things took a turn for the worse.

He said: “When her parents came to visit us, she had casually joked about how she sleeps in a different room. 

“My MIL did not take this lightly and pulled me aside on why I have done this , I explained my defense and she said it is the least I could do to help her. It's not like I can actively help her anyway with her sleep problems???”

The man admitted that he had an argument with his wife about bringing up their separate bedrooms in front of her parents, but insists they have now made up. 

Opinion is divided in the comments, and many people said the man was in for a rude awakening when the baby arrives.

“I can understand needing sleep to perform your best at work. But dude, you are in for a hell of a time when the baby comes”, said one.

Another agreed: “I wonder what it’s going to be like when your child is here, if you can’t sleep with your wife’s insomnia how are you going to deal with a crying baby?”

Some said he should have changed bedrooms if he was the one who wanted to sleep alone.

“if anyone should have relocated it should have been you what next when the baby cries all hours of the night are you going to relocate them somewhere else too”, wrote one commenter.

A second agreed: “Your pregnant wife should’ve stayed in the master bedroom, more familiar/comfortable I’m assuming, with en-suite, especially with the hyperemesis.”

Some, however, couldn’t see a problem at all.

“Your wife seems fine with it and that's all that matters”, wrote one commenter. 

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