I make £70k a month online from being a Kendall Jenner lookalike – I get stopped in the street but I’m all natural

A STUNNING Instagram star says people often mistake her for supermodel Kendall Jenner, and some even stop her in the street.

Camila Luz, a Brazillian model, rakes in a whopping $100,000 (£70,500) a month from her online snaps, all thanks to her striking resemblance to the youngest Kardashian sister.

Her bombshell good looks are all down to genetics and good life choices, claims Camila, who said she is "all natural" and has not had any cosmetic work done.

The stunning model has worked with global magazine brands like Marie Claire and Glamour and owes part of her success to her likeness to 25-year-old Kendall.

Camila explained: “I came back to Brazil a few weeks ago, and people stopped on the street to ask if I was Kendall Jenner.”

Although amused by the idea, she said she wasn’t surprised as the mistake happens often.

Camila noted: “I was always compared to Kendall while I worked abroad.”

The slim model has a tiny 53cm (20 inch) waist, but says other women shouldn't try and achieve her measurements as it's not always healthy.

Camila continued: “All bodies are built different, we should celebrate that instead of fixate on having someone else’s body.

“Any woman can have a Kendall body in their own body, respecting their natural curves, all you have to do it make smart choices and always opt for the healthiest versions”.

She also insists that she hasn’t any surgery to help her achieve her looks, and instead claims: "I am all natural."

She revealed: “The secret to having a perfect body is to avoid consuming too much sugar, soft drinks and fast food”.

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