I love my 3-month-old son's name but wish I'd gone for something different – absolutely no one can pronounce it | The Sun

PICKING the perfect name for your newborn is a lot of pressure.

And although most parents land on a name that fits their little one quickly, some are left with some regrets about what the chose.

One mum confessed that although she doesn't regret the name she went with, she does think there were better options.

Mum-of-two Elli explained on TikTok that she thought she'd kept things simple with her son's name.

"I thought I chose a name that was short, international and easy to pronounce," she said.

But it turns out the mum, who lives in Australia, didn't realise that people would end up pronouncing it so wrong there.


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She explained: "My son's name is Seth and unless I say 'Seth, like Seth Rogan' no one knows what I'm saying."

According to Elli, people usually pronounce her son's name 'Seeth' or even 'Steph' – which isn't exactly what she was going for.

It turns out she isn't the only mum who's struggled with the name, another commented: "My son's name is Seth and I did not think it was a name I'd have to spell out so often."

Another mum wrote: "Haha I knew the name before you said it.

"Same same my Seth has had so many issues with his name."

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But other parents was amazed that people pronounced the name so wrong.

"Wow I can't believe you get people confused by Seth, that seems like such a normal name to me," one said.

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