I look like a 'slug' & my fiancé is 'insanely hot' – but ladies, he's not perfect and HE was cheated on

HE’S been described as ‘beautiful’ and ‘the best-looking guy I’ve ever seen’ by his numerous TikTok fans – but to Hazel McBride, 29, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, he’s just her bloke.

Hazel, a self-confessed ‘slug’, revealed her ‘insanely hot’ fiancé, security guard, Paul Barez, 29, was vastly more attractive than her on social media and people went wild for it (and him). 

But is ‘average’ Hazel – 5ft 5ins with mid-brown hair and specs who favours a sensible anorak – being unfair? 

No, the 29-year-old writer of young children’s fiction, tells Fabulous…

Spotting the chiselled-jawed, 6ft 2ins man across the Tenerife club’s dance floor, my heart skipped a beat.

‘He’s gorgeous,’ I told my mates. ‘And being that good-looking, I bet he’s a total player.’


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Still, laughing, I thought there was nothing to lose so danced over and planted a kiss on his stubbly cheek.

‘Here’s my number,’ I cheekily said, typing it into his mobile.

It was July 2016. I was 24, two weeks single and working in the Canary Islands.

The next morning I was over-the-moon but surprised when Paul Barez, and who was on a lads’ holiday from the Netherlands, composed a message to me, arranging to meet for lunch in the Spanish sunshine. 

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I wasn’t expecting anything from it. Paul was so good-looking, easily the most attractive man I’d ever seen, so I thought he’d be overflowing with offers from willing ladies and a total womaniser. 

Because of that I wasn’t stressed getting ready for our date – despite considering myself distinctly average in the looks department, measuring just 5ft 5ins in flats and with wavy mid-brown hair. 

But heading to the cafe I was pleasantly surprised when the conversation between us flowed easily and we chatted intimately for hours. 

If he knew he was gorgeous and most of the ladies were glimpsing at him, he didn’t show it. 

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He was kind, caring and really shy. He told me how he donated to animal charities like the World Wildlife Foundation. I was totally smitten.

Over the next week we met daily. I told him about my life in Tenerife while he explained how he was French-Dutch and worked as a security guard.

We had lunch and dinner and kissed, but it wasn’t sleazy. I actually started to forget that he was completely gorgeous as we had so much fun chatting. 

Both of us knew this wasn’t a flash-in-the-pan thing, although that wasn’t something either of us had expected either – we weren’t looking for love. 

I was delighted when, before the week was up, he told me he loved me.

And exchanging numbers, he messaged me as soon as his plane landed in the Netherlands. 

Then we became ‘Facebook Official’.

People claimed on social media there was no way someone that good-looking wouldn’t stray

‘Paul Barez is in a relationship with Hazel McBride,’ our statues read to our friends' surprise. 

Things moved quickly but they felt right and we spoke daily.

Still I was c***** myself when a month later he flew to see me. Although we’d chatted loads it was nerve-racking meeting someone again and I was so delighted the magic was still there.

After that we regularly made week-long journeys back-and-forth over the next four years, getting to know each other well.

I’d see girls checking him out in restaurants, supermarkets and walks but I didn’t care about it, although I would sometimes wonder – especially if I was makeup-free, if they thought ‘why is he with her?’

Still I am pretty confident in myself and that helps. 

I felt completely secure in our relationship – even living so many miles apart for much of the year.

I knew and trusted him and accepted he loved me. I just didn’t worry he would cheat, although people claimed on social media there was no way someone that good-looking wouldn’t stray. 

I asked him if he would, although he had given me no reason not to trust him, and he was adamant he loved me and wouldn’t let me down like that. 

I’m trolled online for bagging an ‘insanely hot’ guy when I’m average in my specs – although I make light of it

He also said he thought I was beautiful inside and out. 

When I initially showed friends and family pictures of Paul they weren’t worried either. 

‘So long as he cares for you,’ was all my close family said. 

Life moved on and two years ago I made the huge decision to leave my native Scotland to live in the Netherlands to be with him. 

Shortly after I arrived he proposed and in a few months, back in Scotland, we’ll marry – I can’t wait. 

You’d think people would be happy for us but sadly that isn’t always the case. 

In fact I’m trolled online for bagging an ‘insanely hot’ guy when I’m average in my specs – although I make light of it. 

And many women want to know how I managed to tie him down – with one lady describing him as ‘the best looking guy I’ve ever seen’.

The truth is there is no secret – we just got on well. 

I’m confident about our relationship now, but acutely aware Paul is vastly better looking than me. I can look good if I dress up, whack on makeup and do my hair. He rolls out of bed and is a 10. 

So I make light of it.

‘I wanted a hot husband but he makes me look like a slug,’ I joked, showing my engagement snaps off. 

‘When are we gonna see insanely hot men with average looking women?’ I asked, posting a picture of me and Paul, which attracted millions of views and 8,000 likes.

I’m confident about our relationship now, but acutely aware Paul is vastly better looking than me

Many of the comments were simply about how hot Paul is.

“Dude is literally handsome,” said one commenter. 

“Holy f*** he’s hot,” wrote another. 

‘He’s beautiful,’ another person added, asking if he had a brother (he does but he’s taken).  

Others were kind to me – I love that, women supporting women. 

One said: ‘Umm girl? I don’t see the average looking woman? I see two gorgeous people.’

And in real life people have crushes on him too – it cracks me up, I’m not scared he’ll stray so I think it is funny. 

My hairdresser is obsessed with him and calls him Superman because she thinks he looks like Brit actor Henry Cavill.

‘Where’s Superman today?’ she asks when I visit her and he’s not with me, clearly disappointed.

Meanwhile loads of my colleagues mention that he’s really fit – which of course I can appreciate. He’s insanely hot. 

But, ladies, he isn’t perfect. He can’t load a dishwasher to save his life. Apart from that…well there’s not much else wrong. 

Paul said: "I’m not embarrassed by the attention and I’m not bothered by what people say."

"I love Hazel and we’re getting married – she’s beautiful on the outside and the inside."

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