I kicked my best friend out of my wedding for getting pregnant – my bridesmaids say I'm selfish but it's MY day to shine

SAY what you will about bridezillas – but we can totally understand the pressure to throw the picture perfect wedding.

So as the person organising the whole affair, your loved ones will probably give you a free pass to have a meltdown (or two) over your flower arrangements or the groomsmen suits.

But kicking someone out of your bridal party just because they're pregnant? Well, that's where most people draw the line – as one woman recently found out.

Posting on Reddit's Am I The A****** forum, the anonymous bride-to-be explained how she asked her best friend of 17 years to be her maid-of-honour about six months ago.

Now that the wedding is mere weeks away, the bride decided to invite all her best girlfriends to her place to finalise the wedding plans – which is when she found out her pal is six months pregnant.

She wrote: "She didn’t make an announcement during the gathering or look pregnant as she was wearing a baggy sweatshirt with jeans. Just that she was eating a lot and one of my bridesmaid teased her if she 'got a bun in the oven' and she just laughed it off.


"Later during the gathering, the same bridesmaid teased her and saying 'how amazing your food baby seems real' while rubbing my best friend’s belly and only to realise that its an actual baby bump."

Naturally, the group were incredibly excited for the woman and were congratulate her on the news – but it didn't set all that well with the bride.

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She continued: "I felt a little uneasy as how she will steal my thunder during the wedding since most 95% of my guest knows her.

"She then thanked everyone and told them that this gathering isn’t about her and it’s about me, and it will be the same during wedding."

Sounds like a pretty great response right? Well, that still didn't put the bride's mind at ease.

Later, the woman called her best friend to ask why she'd kept it a secret and said it will definitely "steal her thunder" on the day.

The bride explained: "She told me that she only plan to tell about her pregnancy nearing to the end of the pregnancy itself and as of now, only her and her husband’s family knows and the people who are at the gathering.

"She told me that her dress is not tight fitted and there will be a drape covering front of the dress and it will not show the bump and I don’t have to worry because all focus will be on me since I’m the bride."

I told her that I don’t want her in the wedding as she will steal the show and will definitely look very pregnant walking down the aisle and might not be able run her maid of honour duties.

As the mum-to-be had a more low-key wedding, the bride said she just "couldn't understand" the pressure she was under – and that's when she kicked her out the bridal party.

She continued: "I told her that I don’t want her in the wedding as she will steal the show and will definitely look very pregnant walking down the aisle and might not be able run her maid of honour duties."

Trying to wrap her head around her wishes, the woman said she would attend as a guest instead – but the bride has now said that she doesn't want her there at ALL.

Needless to say, this didn't go down well with other bridesmaids who have now quit their roles too.

Accusing the former maid-of-honour of "stirring s**t" about her, the woman asked: "Now, most of my bridesmaids wont be a part of my wedding and they’re calling a selfish mean b***h just because I don't want her to steal my thunder. Am I really the a******?"

Needless to say, the post sparked fierce debate among members of the forum.

One fumed: "How DARE she not plan her pregnancy around her friends wedding???"

Another added: "When, in the history of ever, had a pregnant bridesmaid ever stolen the show?"

"Brides are the literal worst," another added. "Their one day is more important than everything else in anyone's lives."

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