I haven’t worn a bra in 20 years – my mom says it’s ‘not appropriate’ and tries to force me to cover up | The Sun

ONE woman is forced to bandage up her boobs.

Famed TikToker Bunny refuses to wear a bra, but her mother makes her cover her nipples still.

Bunny's mom doesn't think her no-bra ideology is appropriate.

The rebellious daughter (@immbunny) posted a video to expose their argument.

Bunny sat in bed and secretly filmed herself while her mom yelled at her.

For the past 20 years, Bunny's been one to "free her nip" under a shirt.


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But her mom wasn't having it.

"My mom giving aka forcing me to put bandaids she brought for her heels to put on my nips," Bunny admitted.

In the background, Bunny's mom was furiously demanding she takes the bandages to wear at their family gathering.

To her mom, it wasn't appropriate for Bunny to wear absolutely nothing underneath her clothes.

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Understanding daughters wrote to Bunny about their experiences in the comments section.

"My mom trying to give me bandaids to cover up my tattoo," one woman wrote.

Bunny responded: "HAHA, my mom would if she could."

An honest wife proclaimed: "Lol me, but it’s my husband that doesn’t let me live."

"LOLLL I was like.. WHO CARES, and she was NOT about it," Bunny commented back.

Other commenters indicated their amusement with laughing face emoticons.

Bunny's not one to share an intimate moment with a family member.

Usually, the creator posts videos of her doing makeup, styling her hair, or putting on skincare.

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