I haven't used shampoo for over TWO years & I don’t brush it, people think I'm mad but my hair has never felt so healthy

A WELLNESS guru has told how she has not washed her hair for two and half years and doesn’t brush it either because she doesn’t own a brush. 

The woman, who goes by the name of @angelinanicollle on TikTok, has stunned her followers by saying this routine is best for her hair. 

Instead she uses conditioner everyday for her hair, as well as a number of other oily products – and people can’t believe how her hair is not “greasy''.

Taking to TikTok to share her routine, she captioned the video “I quit shampoo 2.5 years ago.” 

In the video, she said: “I haven’t used shampoo in over two and half years. 

“First of all I don’t brush my hair, and when I say I don’t brush my hair it means I don’t own a brush. 

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“I use this comb and comb my hair once a month. If you have wavy hair you know that it just makes it poofy.

“And honestly my hair doesn’t get tangled because I just put a lot of conditioner in it.”

She then goes on to explain how she rarely uses heat to dry her hair. 

She said: “I use a microfiber towel to dry my hair once I get out of the shower, but other than that I just let it air dry. 

First of all I don’t brush my hair, and when I say I don’t brush my hair it means I don’t own a brush

“Other than that, I don’t use any heat. I do have the Revlon dryer brush which I use one to two times a month for special occasions.”

The TikToker, who has over 17k followers, says she washes her hair everyday with condition when she showers. 

After adding the conditioner to her hair, she uses a scalp scrubbing brush before rinsing the conditioner “off at the very end.”

She adds: “My hair feels so healthy and silky, and it’s not frizzy.

“Then one to two times a week I use a hair mask after I condition. 

“I leave it in for five to ten minutes.”

Then once she gets out of the shower, she uses curl dividing cream and scrunches her hair in her hands. 

Angelina continued: “Then sea salt spray and spray it all through hair but not “too much” and then scrunch. 

“I slept in it overnight. Usually my bands are going anywhere and I have to use a straightener to fix it.”

The video has been viewed over 740k times, with many people heading to the comments section to share their views. 

Some people said it would make their hair too greasy. 

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One wrote: “My greasy hair could never.” 

Another added: “A bird forms a nest in my hair after 3 days of no brush.”

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