I have stomach rolls – girls are told to embrace only certain curves but my lil belly is just as cuddly as the rest | The Sun

A WOMAN has shut down the haters who say girls must be thin to be beautiful.

Olivia Kirkby embraces her curves and belly rolls, and is reminding her followers to do the same.

Posting to her TikTok (@olivia_kirkby), the blonde beauty sat on her bed wearing a blue bra top and leggings.

She confidently posed for the camera, flipping her beautiful locks and offering playful smiles, while seeking to break stereotypes.

“Girls being taught to embrace only certain curves,” Olivia began, showing off her full chest and rounded hips.

She, however, doesn’t follow that mentality ­– and when the frame changed, she told followers to love their bodies no matter what they look like.

“Me showing you how to accept your cuddly lil belly too.”

Olivia proudly lowered her high-waisted leggings to reveal her entire stomach, shaking her body so that the rolls would wiggle with her.

In the caption, she went further with the message, encouraging women to view their full stomachs as beautiful too: “It’s just another curve. It’s literally just as cuddly as the rest.”

A few days before, Olivia posted another video that she hoped would inspire women who looked like her.

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She wore a crop top and low-rise pants to reveal her full stomach in all of its glory.

“Girls in 2023: Insecure of their rolls,” she said while frowning at the camera.

Moments later, she appeared in the same outfit but this time smiling proudly.

“Girls 1000 years ago: Loving theirs as they were the beauty standard.”

She captioned the clip: “Your body type has been a trend, you just weren’t around to see it."

Viewers appreciated her words of wisdom.

“I love you so much. You made recovery and accepting fear foods a lot easier. Thank you,” one person commented.

“My body is softer than it ever was and renaissance paintings have made me love what I see,” added another.

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