I had my first ever lip filler at 17 and now I’m 21… cruel trolls say my face looks ‘silly’ but I love my appearance now | The Sun

A BEAUTY enthusiast has been slammed as looking ''silly'' after sharing the procedures she's had done, including lip fillers at 17.

TikTok star Grace, now 21, had her first set of lip fillers aged 17 after lying about her age – and she has since forked out for other enhancements.

Before the transformation, the blonde stunner described herself as looking like a ''troll'' and Grace also added that she no longer looked like her real self.

In terms of procedures she's had done over the last few years, the beauty enthusiast said: ''I have had quite a lot of lip filler. I started getting it when I was 17 – and I am now 21.''

Around the same time that she got her first syringe of filler pumped into her pout, the young teenager, then 17, also opted to change her chin.

''Then, I have had my jaw with filler and cheek threads,'' Grace went on in her video.


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Another enhancement during this journey was the fox eye surgery, which was all the rage a few months ago on social media.

But despite many swearing by this, Grace insisted it was ''a complete waste of time''.

''Literally no point, didn't last at all. Like, you can't even tell.''

In terms of the more recent procedures, Grace said she had got her cheeks done, as well as liposuction under her jawline at the age of 18 whilst travelling in New Zealand.

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Speaking of the future, Grace admitted that she was keen to transform her body even more.

''I definitely want to get more surgeries. I wanna get my boobs done and possibly a BBL [Brazilian Butt Lift].


''But my bloods are not the most healthy, so I think a BBL would be quite dangerous. So I really need to do some more research into that first.''

As well as these enhancements, the stunner regularly visits sunbeds to top up her tan, gets hair extensions and fake eyelashes.

''Quite honestly, if I was to strip everything down, I wouldn't recognise myself either.

''I don't mind that, I am quite happy with what I look like now.''

However, whilst the blonde may be all chuffed with her current appearance, the reaction online was slightly different – and not everyone was a fan.

Someone said: ''Why though? Respectfully you look silly. Especially your lips.''

Another warned: ''please don't get a bbl, they are horrendous after and women have died having that done.''

''do you not worry about skin cancer with having sunbeds all the time?'' a third chimed inn.

''Go to the gym and get your bbl from working out and growing your glutes,'' a person suggested.

But amongst all the hate were also those loving the look and praising Grace for being so open.

''It’s refreshing for someone to be so honest. You look beautiful!'' a social media user thought.

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