I grew up half gypsy & lived two separate lives – there were some struggles, but it was like being half Hollywood | The Sun

A MUSIC artist who is half gypsy and half non-gypsy has revealed what it was like growing up in both communities. 

Twinnie explained how there are many differences between the two – and that it even inspired her to write one of her songs called Hollywood Gypsy.

In a video, which she shared to her 146k TikTok followers, she says: “Have you ever wondered what it’s like growing up as a gypsy girl and a gorger, if you don’t 

know what a gorger is. I'm going to tell you now.

“Gorger is somebody who is non non-traveller.

“I grew up in both worlds which means I went to school, but I also was massively involved in the gypsy community where it’s just so different. 


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“But there’s a lot of synergy I feel between Nashville communities and travellers and that’s kind of how I got into country music anyway. 

“I used to get taken out of school a lot, which I didn’t mind because I hated school and my mum was a good teacher. 

“We used to travel all over Europe, Germany.

“My dad would go first then he would come back for us with the trailer and yeah, it was amaze, it was like the best life ever.

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“I think the only struggles that I had growing up, which is actually quite a big one, is like I never really knew who I was, if you know what I mean?

“Like what community I belonged to because I found myself in situations where I’d act a certain way with gorgers and then I’d act a certain way when I was with travellers.

“Any travellers that are half a gorger half a traveller, I think you will relate to this feeling.

“But then I learnt growing up, you know I’m enough no matter where I am. I am me, and that is fine. 

“I think I just, sometimes used to feel the pressure of both communities and how they wanted me to be.

“But now we are past that, we are definitely past that.

“That’s the whole reason why my first album was called Hollywood Gypsy and it was really to honour and celebrate and pay homage to the people and the town that made me.

“I think I’ve got a really good awareness of people because I’ve had to mix with different cultures from such a young age.

“Whether that be in Europe or just at school or within the travelling community.

“And I really do want to be a great example like, if you’ve got talent and you are in the Gypsy community, you can follow your dreams  and you can do it especially females in the travelling community. 

“Because I think my dad would have liked me to, you know, got married.

“I’m the only person that’s not married in my family.

“All of them got married young and that’s the way it is and I think my family would’ve like that but I’ve always followed my dreams and I’m proud of myself for that. 

“So hopefully I can be a good example for another Gypsy girl.”

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One asked: “If my grandad was Gypsy and my nan wasn’t, what am I?” 

To which Twinnies replied: “Gypsy.” 

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Another said: “Yes, thank you for this. Travelling girls need you. I showed my girl your TikToks.” 

A third added; “Be proud of yourself.” 

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