I got pregnant with twins at 15 – it was my first time having sex

IT IS the nightmare of every teenage girl – discovering that you're pregnant after having sex for the first time.

However, a woman has revealed how she found herself expecting twins at the age of 15 shortly after losing her virginity.

Posting a selfie video of herself to TikTok, the UK-based mum-of-two shared the shocking story.

Captioning the clip, she wrote: "I got pregnant with twins at 15 on my first attempt of seggys time!"

The 30-year-old woman revealed in a later video that her sons are now 14 years old.

Beckoning them into the shot, she joked: "Imagine being 30 with 14 year old twins."

You did amazing!

Her posts have garnered thousands of views, as well as hundreds of 'likes'.

One person asked her: "How did you manage and what have you done with your life since?"

She replied: "I managed with great support of my family and I've worked hard and am a stone's throw away from becoming a nurse."

Another commented: "You did amazing!"

A third shared: "Looks like you did a great job."

And a fourth added: "I had twins at 17. they're 25 now."

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