I got pregnant in my teens, I love it but wouldn’t recommend, she drains my bank account & you should be selfish instead | The Sun

A YOUNG mum has revealed that although she loves being a mum to her beautiful daughter, she wouldn’t recommend anyone having a child in their teens.

Maisie Crompton, a first-time-mum to daughter Elsie, recently took to TikTok to share her honest thoughts about motherhood and having a child at a young age.

The young mum explained that her daughter drains her bank account and she thinks young people should enjoy their youth and be selfish, rather than having babies young.

Maisie took to the video sharing platform and posted a clip in response to a comment that read: “Would you recommend someone to get pregnant at 19?” 

She said: “My honest thoughts on being a younger mum.

“Would I recommend someone to get pregnant at 19?

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“Coming from someone that was pregnant at 19, had my baby at 20 and loves being a mum, I just wouldn't recommend it for many reasons.

“For context, I felt unexpectedly pregnant and I am pro choice, but personally I didn't wanna get an abortion.

“Firstly, babies are so expensive, so unless you're in the financial situation to have one, I really wouldn't recommend it.

“Because we are in a stable financial situation and she drains our bank accounts.

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“Also, I'm fortunate enough that I have started my career and it's something I can do alongside having Elsie, whereas in most careers, to progress, you can't really have a baby, which is really bad, but it's just the truth.

“Secondly, as somebody who thinks that they're a good mum and see loads of other young mums smashing it, I would say that life experience is invaluable when raising a child and it's something you just don't have as much of when you're younger, obviously.

“Third of all, being a mum is so hard, regardless of your age, it is just hard.

“So making sure that you've got enough people around you, enough  friends is so important.

“Finally, when you have a baby, your life revolves around them and I just think in your early 20s, you know, be a bit selfish, do the things you wanna do.

“Regardless of your age, you can be an amazing mum, but would I recommend having a baby at 19? Not really if I'm being honest.” 

Maisie’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly amassed 85.7k views.

It has 5,747 likes, 126 comments and 11 shares.

Social media users appreciated Maisie’s honesty and many took to the comments to agree with her. 

One person said: “I love how true and honest you are.” 

Another added: “Same! I was pregnant at 19 and don’t recommend it. It’s worth the wait.” 

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A third commented: “I was 19 when I had my daughter.. do not recommend.. I was way too young..” 

Meanwhile, someone else posted: “I’ve got two girls under 2 I’m 23 and I LOVEEEE it, I don’t think anyone is ever ready for a baby!” to which Maisie replied “Very true!”

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