I got dress-coded at my college gym for showing too much skin – people say they’re just jealous that I’m hot | The Sun

A STUDENT got dress-coded at her university gym for allegedly showing "too much skin" but people think they're just jealous she's hot.

Kedan Mack, a university student, shared a photo of her gym outfit inside the locker room of the gym where she got dress-coded.

She took a selfie in front of a mirror, revealing a matching black tank top and leggings.

"Just curious how I got dress coded at my college gym today for having a centimeter of my midriff showing???" she said.

Not only did she feel like she was unfairly called out, but she was confused at how her outfit was inappropriate.

"Especially when a) many people wear way more revealing clothes.

"And b) dress code isn’t even enforced in classrooms that are supposed to be professional settings, why the gym??"

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Some told her not to take the experience too seriously.

"They’re just jealous you're hot," said one commenter.

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Many shared her confusion and outrage.

"This is insane wtf," said one commenter.

"Ummm everyone in my gym wears spandex and sports bras," said a third.

"Like wut??? But either way u look good!"

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