I get my council house garden and patio looking summer-fresh in the best way – all you need is your Hetty Hoover | The Sun

A SAVVY woman has revealed how she gets her garden ready in summer with just one tool – her hoover.

As much as we love summer, the arrival of the warmer months means having to work on your garden to make it somewhat presentable.

But rather than spending hours outdoors to zhuzh up her fake grass, one woman, Whitney Ainscough, recently shared an easier method.

According to the mum, the answer is simple – the good ol' Hetty vacuum hoover.

Taking to TikTok, Whitney demonstrated how she cleaned the artificial grass in the garden of her council home.

Armed with her pink Hetty, which recently underwent a radical makeover, said this method left her property ''summer-ready''.

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''I mean, it gets all dirt of it and leaves it all looking fresh,'' the mum insisted in the clip.

Just like with hoovering indoors, Whitney was going over each of the area multiple times back and forth, instantly making for a fresher look.

''Anyone else hoover there garden?'' the parent wanted to know.

It seems that this is a rather popular cleaning method amongst fellow social media users, as dozens raced to comments to praise their hoovers.

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One fanatic of this method said: ''I do and my sister thinks I'm nuts .but its normal [sic].''

''No lol might have to now tho,'' someone else was keen to give this trick a go.


''Yes thought it was just me,'' another chimed in.

''yess neighbours laugh at me [sic],'' a fourth chuckled.

Meanwhile, not everyone was impressed, as one critic said: ''Seen it all now, nothing better than proper grass.''

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