I gained weight but ‘squish is adorable’ – the extra pounds have brought me so much happiness, I don’t regret it | The Sun

A BODY positive woman has shared the upside to her weight gain.

She said the new look has given her a new sense of happiness, so she doesn't regret the additional pounds one bit.

Brooke Paintain (@brookepaintain) proudly showed her glow-up in a video posted to TikTok.

First, she shared a throwback of herself dancing before she gained weight.

Next, she revealed her current body post-weight gain, while dancing confidently.

Brooke clearly beamed with happiness and contentment in her skin.

"Weight gain is not a bad thing," she wrote in the caption.

"It's brought me so much happiness into my life and I don't regret gaining weight for a second," she added.

The video came as part of an ongoing trend of promoting body positivity online.

Women are sharing their unique physiques and celebrating their individual looks.

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The video struck a chord with viewers, who shared their thoughts on the glow-up.

"I've gained a lot of weight since recovering from my ED, and I'm trying to love my squish," one wrote. "Thank you for this."

"Squish is adorable," Brook replied.

"You look so much happier," another commented.

"I am," Brooke responded.

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