I finally got my dream boobs but then they started to kill me -I finally got them removed & I've glowed up so much | The Sun

GROWING up, Kayla Caputo, now 25, was nicknamed the ''noodle'' and ''twiggy''.

Desperate to give her body some curves, the young woman, still in college at the time, decided to get breast implants – but very soon her dream turned into a nightmare.

Sharing her story on TikTok, Kayla, from Los Angeles, the US, said she first realised something was off when her new boobs were really hard and sitting higher than initially expected.

''They never really softened up. I was told that they would get softer three months in and mine just kind of never fully did.

''Maybe for like a few weeks and then – something changed.''

Then, the 25-year-old who got the plastic surgery in 2019, noticed other changes – there was weight gain and inflammation.

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''I had like 20 something pounds of inflammation,'' she recalled in the video posted on social media.

From there, just two months after the boob job, everything spiralled out of control and Kayla began to see just how much her appearance had transformed.

''I was like 'Holy s**t, I need to go on a diet. Like, something is wrong.

''It's crazy that I didn't even connect the dots,'' the young woman looked back at the traumatic experience now.

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It wasn't until summer a year later, the start of the pandemic, that Kayla finally came to terms that something was indeed terribly wrong with her new body.

''It was after a phone call with my mum and telling her that I felt like my implants were killing me.''

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That very moment Kayla decided that something had to change – and she finally got the implants removed in May, 2021.

This, she revealed in a now-viral clip, had almost immediate effects, as Kayla saw her skin glowing for the first time in months.

Not only did she look less puffy and tired, the young woman got back the radiant complexion she once had.

Looking back at the drastic changes and how breast implants had made her ill, Kayla described the period as truly ''crazy''.

However , sharing her story, Kayla didn't want to put others off from getting their boobs done.

''My videos are never to scare anybody. But everyone should be aware of breast implant illness.

''I was super ignorant to it. I was always like 'That's not gonna happen to me […]. I'm gonna be fine'.''

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