I asked my hairdresser to lighten my locks – my hair is destroyed, it’s three colours and 20 different lengths | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to share how she was left stunned by her new hair – after a hairdresser ‘destroyed’ her long locks while trying to take her lighter. 

Mona revealed that she had asked the stylist to take her waist-length, dark brown hair blonde. 

But unfortunately, it didn’t quite go to plan, and her hair ended up various different colours and lengths. 

Known online as @sonomonapr, regularly shares life updates with her 2,400 followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “How the hairdresser completely destroyed my hair. 

“I was so excited and I did a lot of research about this place!!!


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“And then boom, my hair started to come [out]. 

“I couldn’t believe the result. It’s not even the colour I wanted.” 

During the 42-second video, Mona revealed what she was hoping to achieve – bleach-blonde locks with some lighter pieces running through. 

Instead, she ended up a mix of orange and brown, with randomly placed blonde highlights. 

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And, due to the damage, there was also so breakage, leaving the back various different lengths. 

In another video, she added: “I know it’s not possible in one [sitting] and they promised me to do that in three. 

“But in the first one, all my hair's burned!! I’m talking about the DAMAGE.”

Her failed hair transformation attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 14,700 likes and 879,000 views. 

In the comments, Mona’s followers shared their reactions – although many suggested Mona had unrealistic expectations. 

One wrote: “As someone with 26 years experience I can say that’s about right on the first go.”

Another said: “I don’t know why anyone with that dark of hair expects to be a perfect pale blonde in one sitting!!”

A third added: “Stylist here: first, u have to have realistic expectations with hair that dark. The stylist should have been completely transparent with the outcome.”

However, another jumped to her defence, commenting: “People don’t see the real issue here, that she made ur hair so dry from one sitting and it was planned to do more sittings to avoid damage.”

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