How old packaging from perfume & fashion brands could make you a small fortune – such as £43 for an empty Chanel bottle

DO you ever chuck away your old perfume bottles or jewellery boxes?

You may want to think twice as you could make £160 from old packaging from luxury brands.

From Tiffany’s little blue box tied up in a white ribbon to the bold red on Nike’s shoeboxes, many people want to buy iconic branded packaging – even when it is empty. has analysed listing prices on eBay of old shoe boxes and carrier bags from some of the most popular designer brands in the world.

Eight of the top 20 most valuable branded packaging are watch and jewellery accessories; the top five are dominated by luxury watch brands, while Tiffany & Co’s jewellery boxes were found to be the 11th most valuable with an average resale price of £51. 

If you have any boxes in the iconic duck-egg blue shade – you may wish to list them on eBay instead of chucking.

The eighth jewellery brand featured in the top 20 list is Cartier, whose red leather boxes could be worth up to £35.  

The comparison website also took a deeper look at specific sectors, including beauty, and found that six of the top 10 most valuable beauty packaging were empty perfume bottles, which have a resale value of up to £50. 

Dior’s perfume bottles hold the most value and place the iconic beauty and fashion house at the top of this list.

As Dior famously sells one of the most popular perfumes of all time, J’Adore Dior, there’s no surprise it takes the hot spot.  

Empty candle jars also appear on the top 10 beauty packaging list.

The Most Valuable Beauty Brand Packaging

  1. Dior, Perfume Bottle, £50 

2. Diptyque, Candle, £50 

3. Chanel, Perfume Bottle, £43 

4. Dyson, Styler Box, £35 

5. Hermes, Perfume Bottle, £31 

6. Vivienne Westwood, Perfume Bottle, £29 

7. Cire Trudon, Candle, £24 

8. Jo Malone, Candle, £23 

9. Givenchy, Perfume Bottle, £22 

10. Yves Saint Laurent, Perfume Bottle, £22

The Most Valuable Luxury Brand Packaging

  1. Rolex, Watch box, £160 

2. Tag Heur, Watch box, £149 

3. Breitling, Watch box, £131 

4. Omega, Watch box, £126 

5. Seiko, Watch box, £75 

6. Louis Vuitton, Shoe box, £74 

7. Gucci, Shopping bag, £69 

8. Louis Vuitton, Shopping bag, £69 

9. Nike, Shoe box, £55 

10. Louboutin, Shopping bag, £54 

11. Tiffany, Jewellery box, £51 

12. Dior, Perfume bottle, £50 

13. Diptyque Candle, £50

14. Chanel, Jewellery box, £48 

15. Chanel, Perfume bottle, £43 

16. Yves Saint Laurent, Shoe box, £40 

17. Gucci, Shoe box, £39 

18. Chanel, Shoe box, £37 

19. Fendi, Shoe box, £37 

20. Cartier, Jewellery box, £35 

Diptyque candle jars take second place with an average resale value of £50; Cire Trudon is in seventh place with packaging worth up to £24, and closely followed by the luxury scent creator Jo Malone whose candle packaging is worth up to £23. 

Though you may question what anyone could do with an empty candle jar, many savvy influencers and beauty editors have taken to Instagram to show that you can repurpose them as makeup brush holders, a place to store cotton wool pads, or even as an alternative 

The new research has revealed that Rolex watch boxes are the most valuable old and empty packaging from luxury brands, closely followed by other watch manufacturers including Tag Heuer (2nd), Breitling (3rd), Omega (4th), and Seiko (5th). 

Empty Rolex boxes come in as the most expensive packaging that’s being resold, with an average resale price of up to £160.

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