Home Bargains unveil new £2.99 autumnal candles – including sticky toffee pudding and candy cane scents

WELL folks, summer is well and truly over and the cooler weather has many of us looking for ways to stay warm.

Luckily, Home Bargains has unveiled a selection of new autumnal candles in a range of delicious scents – including sticky toffee pudding and candy cane.

Not only do the candles replicate the warm, rich aromas of tasty comfort foods (drool), but a couple in the range, including Trick Or Treat and Boo Berry, are inspired by Halloween – and are perfect for the occasion.

A shopper spotted the Wickford & Co glass jar candles for the low price of £2.99 and was eager to share it with like-minded bargain-hunters.

Posting in a money-saving Facebook group, Ways To Save, he wrote: "Some interesting new scented candles at Home Bargains for £2.99 – these include Trick Or Treat, Candy Cane, Boo Berry and Sticky Toffee Pudding fragrances!"

And he also shared a snap of each of the scents.

But it seems the popular candles are making waves across social media as the bargain find was also shared in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

One shopper wrote: "Gingerbread candles are back in home bargains.New scent this year as well, sugared fig & BlackBerry. Dont worry this sickens my OCD aswell, why not send in all of the tea lights."

The woman also shared a snap of the candles on display in her local store which shows a line up of colours including red, orange, purple and yellow.

The £2.99 jar is the largest size (18oz), but there are multiple sizes available – including a pack of tealight candles for a tiny 79p.

People took to the comments sharing their excitement for the new dreamy flavours – and we can definitely see why.

"Home bargains is a must visit," one person declared.

And another wrote: "OMG no way can’t wait to buy 10."

Meanwhile a third shared: "I really need to go I want sticky toffee pudding."

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