Gigi Hadid Walks Runway In Wedding Dress — Is She Getting Married To Zayn?

Gigi Hadid was a vision in white at Moschino’s show on Sept. 20 where she walked the runway in a wedding dress and veil. Fans quickly supplied the memes about her marrying Zayn Malik.

With all these celebrity engagements going on, it’s hard not to wonder which couple will be the next one at the alter. Will it be Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson? How about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra? Or will it be a complete wildcard – like, say, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik?

Now, wait a second. Don’t be getting your hopes up too high for a Zigi wedding, because no, they’re not engaged at the moment. The model just happened to be wearing a wedding dress this week – not because she was looking for one, but because she closed Moschino‘s Spring Summer 2019 show at Milan Fashion Week on Sept. 20.

For the magical runway moment, Gigi rocked a short bubble dress while holding a bouquet of flowers. The look came together with a long veil that was piled on top of her head and held by an army of men in black bodysuits, blending into the background and giving the allusion that the veil was floating on its own. A contraption held by the assistants also made it look like butterflies were flying behind Gigi as she walked down the runway to Felix Mendelssohn‘s “Wedding March.”

Thanks to the iconic wedding song playing and the nature of her outfit, fans made a few jokes at the expense of Gigi and her boyfriend Zayn. One person, @ZigiFacts, tweeted about how this must be Gigi’s reaction to any breath taken by the former One Direction member.

The Twitter user also found a backstage clip of Gigi in the wedding dress yelling, “My husband didn’t show up, what the f**k?!” The fan then added their own commentary by writing, “@zaynmalik fix dis.” So, yeah, even though the couple won’t be saying “I do” any time soon, we can all enjoy a good laugh at some wedding dress memes.

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