From sex with your boss to cheating – what your lusty bedroom fantasies mean

THEY say a dream is a wish your heart makes — but is that really true?

We told this week how 36 per cent of couples admit to dreaming about having sex with someone else.

But dream psychologist Ian Wallace says our night-time fantasies tell us more about our inner desires than what we want in the bedroom.

He said: “Sex dreams normally have nothing to do with real sex. What sex dreams are all about is what sex means to us, it’s about something that’s really intense and intimate.

“The main function of dreaming is to process unresolved emotions.”

From sex with an ex to orgies, dream expert Ian explains what’s really going on between the sheets . . . 

Work romp

Take their lead

A LOT of people cringe when they relay this dream to me.

This is linked to an admiration for the qualities your boss has and how you can use these attributes in your own life.

If you have a boss who gets things done, perhaps you need to be more assertive.

Can't perform

Being stopped from following your passions

IMAGINING you can’t perform sexually means something is holding you back.

Perhaps someone is standing in the way of a hobby or career.

Figure out how to deal with this blockage, whether that’s getting someone onside or putting in place a boundary.

At it in public

You’re feeling exposed

THIS dream normally happens when something in your real life is putting you to the test.

It might be stepping up in a new job or being publicly judged for your talents.

If you’ve put in a lot of hard work to get where you are now, trust your creativity and expertise will flow.

Sex with an ex

You want to become a better person

AFTER this dream people want to know if they should rekindle an old flame.

But it’s your consciousness telling you something about who you want to be.

What qualities do you most associate with your ex?

Choose which you want to be less or more of.

Partner cheats

You are not following your ambitions

A COMMON dream.

But this is not always about our partner, rather our hopes and desires.

It tells you that you are not fulfilling your ambitions.

Maybe you feel you could devote more to a hobby or your career but are held back by something.

Part of an orgy

You need to put yourself out there

FANTASISING about an orgy is not unusual — especially for men.

It tells us about private passion that we could be afraid to reveal.

For example, you may be an excellent painter but fear showing your work.

If you did so, family and friends would support you.

Bed a celeb

You have untapped potential

DREAMING of intimacy with a celebrity is your brain flagging up an unused skill you have.

If you fantasise about a singer, this may not mean you too will become one.

It may mean you are good at vocalising feelings and ought to focus on that.

You're cheating

You feel you are letting others down

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IF you dream about sleeping with someone else, quite often this has nothing to do with your partner in waking life.

Do you feel like you are not dependable or you are letting someone down?

Could you do more to help your family or lay down the law with a pal?

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