From flying babies to very shocked llamas, a gallery of very funny photo fails has gone viral

Then, when you look at the snap, you realise a cheeky so-and-so has made a surprise guest appearance. Well spare a thought for these people.

Water shock

Oh baby!

Paw-fully cute

Jumping for joy?

Seeing double


Duck and cover

Look car-fully…

Dog tired

Eye say

Pretty in pink

It's sink or swim

Read it and weep

Snappy families

Chop chop

Don't be allamed

Mirror mirror…

We nose it's not funny…

Gourd awful

Aisle say!

Three's a crowd

Not so mellow yellow

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Jumping for joy x 2

Clawfully evil

Eye'm watching you…

Enjoy this line up of the worst hair dye disasters ever – from muddy brown to rainbow bright.

Meanwhile, four in 10 diners now post photos of their meals on social media when dining out, research says.

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